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Malformation Nation is no longer active on FieldScope. If you are interested in other citizen science projects, please see the available projects here: http://www.fieldscope.org/projects/.

If you are interested in participating in a FieldScope partner project specifically aimed at studying frogs, consider the FrogWatch USA project: https://frogwatch.fieldscope.org.

This Malformation Nation page will be deleted as of April 16, 2021.

Malformation Nation is a citizen science program that invites individuals to learn about the wetlands in their communities and help conserve amphibians by reporting data on the presence (or absence) of malformed amphibians. For more than a decade, reports of grotesquely deformed amphibians have caused public concern and scientific controversy. Although significant progress has been made addressing these questions, many outstanding issues remain, and the mystery of deformed frogs (and other amphibians) has neither gone away nor has it been entirely solved. Malformation Nation comprises a national network of volunteers and scientists that form a community with the common goal of providing large scale, long-term data on the health of amphibians in the United States. Use Malformation Nation-FieldScope to examine the geographic distribution of malformed amphibians in your area and see what you can discover!

To learn more about the amphibian malformation phenomenon, please visit our homepage at http://www.deformedfrogs.org/. Please use Malformation Nation to help you identify amphibian species, as well as malformation types.



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